The latest “Knockout Design” was for van der Brew, a brewery in Winthrop, Maine! They opened in 2018 and have been busy ever since. Van der Brew’s logo includes a windmill, and they wanted it to be laser-engraved onto a wooden tap handle. The windmill comes from the brewmaster’s last name; Vandermeulen means “of the mill” in Dutch. van der Brew has tap handles in their tap room and brings them to beer fests all over Maine. We were thrilled to improve this significant component of their marketing and help their business grow.
    The van der Brew beer tap handle was made in our woodshop, and includes a section of blackboard for writing beer names. Each selection of beer gets its own tap handle in their tap room and when brought to trade shows. In the tap room, five beers are served on tap at a time. The laser-engraved logo is a darker shade of brown than the rest of the wooden shaft, which is light. The shaft is lightly polished and attached to a metal tap. It includes the slogan, “Brew well. Do good. Have fun.” This slogan embodies van der Brew’s mission, which includes bringing community members together, enjoying quality beer, and hosting local events. The events hosted at van der Brew include open mic nights, guest singers, poetry sessions, and more.
    As always, our team at Knockout Designs was thrilled to work with a new brewery. While the majority of our business is now in tap handles, not all the tap handles are for beer; we even had one nitro cold brew tap handle order. Our clients span from breweries to homeowners, and projects of ours have been traditional yet personalized, as well as unusual and creative. Regardless of the styles our clients go for, we love working with them and manufacturing new designs.


Van Der Brew Tap Handle Right
Van Der Brew Tap Handle Front
Van Der Brew Tap Handle Left