Flat Rock Cider Design Story

Bryan and Jeff at Flat Rock Cider Company contacted Knockout Designs about laser-engraved wooden tap handles for distribution of Flat Rock Cider. The Knockout Designs Team designed a uniquely shaped wooden tap handle with the Flat Rock Cider logo, name, and “cider” on the tap handle. All wooden tap handles and products produced by Knockout Designs are sealed, which makes them highly durable and water-resistant! This was a large order for cider tap handles which we were able to produce in just a few weeks. Knockout Designs specializes in small tap handle orders for craft cideries but we are more than happy to fill large orders for distribution! Our custom tap handle and flight board work allows brewers to create personalized designs with no minimum orders.

Cider is becoming a big seller on tap at breweries, bars, and restaurants. The rise of craft beverages, including craft beer and cider, has contributed to the popularity of hard cider. Consumers are drawn to the artisanal quality, diverse flavor profiles, and small-batch production methods associated with craft cideries. At Flat Rock Cider Company, the mission is to support local agriculture by using fresh fruit from local orchards and farmers. Flat Rock Cider is brewed with apples from some of the oldest and largest orchards in North Carolina.

These wooden tap handles with the Flat Rock Cider logo can help to convey a sense of craftsmanship and high quality. It suggests that attention has been paid to every detail, including the design of the custom handle, which will positively influence a customers’ experience. Knockout Designs’ uniquely shaped wooden tap handles with logos is a strategic decision that can positively impact a brand’s identity, differentiation, and customer perception, while also adding aesthetic appeal to the establishment. Knockout Designs is always excited to create custom tap handles and products for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, and homebrewers. We enjoyed working with Bryan and Jeff. Cheers!

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Bad Daddy Design Custom Beer Tap by Knockout Designs