Golden Wolves Design Story

Ryan at Pagoda City Brewing reached out to Knockout Designs and requested a private label beer tap handle for a local college basketball team, Alvernia University’s Golden Wolves. The Knockout Designs Team began the process by cutting a uniquely shaped wooden beer tap handle and then UV LED painted the entire tap handle with the Golden Wolves team logo. UV LED painting makes it easy for Knockout Designs to work on small orders for private label brews. UV LED painting offers a way to add detailed and customizable colors, textures, and finishes to the printed objects. Additionally, UV LED paints exhibit excellent durability and resistance to wear. The vibrant school colors work well in a dimly lit restaurant environment. This handle was a small private label tap handle order for a larger brewery with some smaller accounts for distribution. We specialize in small orders but are more than happy to fill large orders for distribution! Our custom work allows brewers to create personalized designs with no minimum orders.

This specialty tap handle is dedicated by the local college alumni and supporters. The Alvernia’s Golden Wolves logo represents the fierce and bold nature of the athletic community. Its strong visual identity works perfectly with the tap handles. These custom tap handles enhance fan engagement by creating a unique experience for supporters. It serves as a conversation starter and a point of connection among fans, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. The university’s traditional colors of maroon and gold, are inspired by the university’s initials, AU, which are the scientific symbol for gold. These personalized tap handles are a handy promotional tool for the team and its events. The handles can be displayed in bars, restaurants, or other venues where supporters gather, helping to raise awareness and generate excitement for games and other team activities. The Knockout Designs team enjoyed working with Pagoda City Brewing for Alvernia’s Golden Wolves

Bad Daddy Design Custom Beer Tap by Knockout Designs