Canyon Coffee Design Story

Casey from the California brand Canyon Coffee contacted Knockout Designs about a laser engraved wooden tap handle for a trade show in Chicago. Canyon Coffee was collaborating with Táche Pistachio Milk to introduce their new blend of Táche Pistachio Milk and Canyon Coffee to the trade show attendees. The Knockout Designs Team got to work in designing these custom trade show collaboration coffee tap handles. We created a four-sided, laser engraved wooden tap handle which highlighted Táche and the Canyon Coffee varieties. The minimalist, natural wood design reflects both brands’ identity in sustainable and clean food.

Canyon Coffee was started in 2016 from founders Ally and Casey’s LA apartment. Their blends are inspired by “savoring life’s details through the coffee we drink daily.” The company started from neighborhood pop-ups and LA boutiques, and evolved from pulling espresso on weekends to having their coffees served in cafes, shops, offices, markets, and hotels across the US. Today you’ll find Canyon Coffee in various locations around the world. Founder of Táche Pistachio Milk, first-generation Iranian-American Roxana Saidi started making pistachio milk at home in 2015 as an alternative to almond milk, which was depleting her native California of water during drought season. Prompted by her desire to create a more sustainable and delicious alt-milk, she launched Táche in 2020.

Our custom work allows brewers to create personalized designs with no minimum orders. Our custom tap handles help to enhance the brand for each craft brewery, bar, and restaurant. Knockout Designs creates tap handles for cold brew coffee and specializes in small orders for private beers on tap. We are happy to help other small businesses trying to introduce new products to potential customers. Knockout Designs specializes in small orders but are more than happy to fill large orders for distribution. We had a great time working with Canyon Coffee and Táche Pistachio Milk to make this one-of-a-kind coffee tap handle.

Bad Daddy Design Custom Beer Tap by Knockout Designs