Adam at Yale Hospitality contacted Knockout Designs about creating a tap handle for “The Well” restaurant at the new Schwarzman Center. The Well is a 21+ restaurant and bar in the center of the Yale University Campus. Yale wanted a tap handle with “Handsome Dan” the Yale bulldog mascot in shiny, silver metal with a blue hue on top of a hexagon wooden handle. Knockout Designs started with a 3D-printed plastic prototype. Once the plastic prototype was approved we 3D printed Handsome Dan the Yale bulldog mascot in metal. Our fabricator polished the metal to give Handsome Dan a shinier finish. The Knockout Design fabricator added a blue hue to give Handsome Dan the Yale blue finish. In addition, Yale needed a small metal oval attached to the wooden handle to have a place to put the names of the beers and wine on tap at their new campus restaurant. Now Yale students, faculty, staff, and Alums can see Handsome Dan in 8 different positions on the tap handles at the “The Well”.

Knockout Designs specializes in small orders but also has the capacity for larger distribution tap handle orders. Knockout Designs works with various materials including wood and 3D-printed metal and plastic to create unique tap handles for craft breweries, restaurants, and bars. Previously, Knockout Designs has created a variety of unique handles equipped with additions in which the client is able to personally label each tap handle with the name of their craft brew. These additions can be unique to the clients’ wishes and range from a blackboard on the shaft of the tap handle to the metal circle Yale Hospitality requested. Knockout Design’s team of designers and fabricators work with brewery owners to ensure they receive the tap handle they have envisioned. Creating this exclusive set of 3D-printed and carefully crafted tap handles for Yale Hospitality was a pleasure. We always look forward to creating new, unique tap handles for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, and even homebrewers in the future.

Yale Bulldog Mascot