Brett Haas is a small and big block race car driver from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Brett has a kegerator at his home and wanted a tap handle with his personal race car number, 55, on the tap handle. The Knockout Designs team created a rendering with the wood into the shape of his special car number and with his personal colors on the wooden handle. Then, the team custom designed and laser cut the unique shape of the tap handle. The vibrant colors come from UV LED paint which enables Knockout Designs to make individual, one of a kind tap handles in small quantities. In Brett’s custom design, the two yellow 5’s are stacked on top of each other and are outlined with blue and black paint. Between the two numbers, the name Haas is printed in a bright red. The design is painted in a comic style and is an exact reflection of the design on Brett’s race car.

Brett, following in his parents legacy, began his racing journey in 2005 racing go-karts. Since then, he has earned himself a large array of wins and titles at various speedways. His home race track, Lebanon Valley Race Track, is located in New Lebanon, New York. Knockout Designs specializes in small orders of tap handles for taprooms but also has the capacity for single order projects. Since this is a personal project for his house, Brett only requested one tap handle for his personal keg. Our designs are created in a way that creates unique pieces that meet the many needs of our clients, no matter the shape, size, or color of their request. This design is special because it includes a personal touch and acts as a great conversation starter for guests of the race car driver. We hope to work with Brett with any other projects he has in the future!

Brett Hass Racing 55 Tap Handle