Pali Wines is one of the many exquisite wineries that now distribute wine in kegs for wine on tap. Wine on tap is more economical (no wasted wine in half-full bottles at bars and restaurants) and Pali Wine on tap is much more environmentally friendly (no empty bottles in the trash). Pali serves their wine on tap at their “outposts,” which have a rustic charm and refined air.

Nick at Pali Wines contacted Knockout Designs for one of our popular tap handle designs. The design consists of an 8” rectangular maple tap handle with the Pali Wine logo laser engraved near the top of the tap handle. The simple yet elegant tap handle pairs well with the décor in each of the outposts for Pali Wine and champions the down-to-earth yet elevated aesthetic. Nick needed 50 Pali Wine distribution tap handles in total, all in this rich and natural maple wood design.

Knockout Designs specializes in small tap handle orders but also has the capacity for larger distribution tap handle orders as seen with Pali Wine. Knockout Designs manufactures tap handles with various materials, including wood and 3D-printed metal and plastic, to create unique tap handles for wineries, Vineyard tasting rooms, craft breweries, restaurants, and wine bars. Knockout Designs has created a variety of unique tap handles many of which are equipped with stylish and functional adornments that the client can label with the name of their craft brew.

These tap handle identifiers can be unique to the clients’ wishes, and allow the client flexibility and versatility in sharing their craft brews, fine wines, or even specialty ciders with the world.

Knockout Design’s team of 3D modelers and fabricators works with designers, brewers, and vintners to ensure our clients receive the tap handle they have envisioned. Creating this exclusive carefully crafted laser engraved wooden tap handles for Pali Wine was a pleasure. We always look forward to creating new, unique tap handles for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, and even homebrewers in the future.

Knockout Designs Pali Wine Tap