Chris from Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery in Ohio and Indiana wanted the sweetness of his new Smallcakes shop to start when the customers open the door with a custom whisk door pull. The whisk door pull needed to look like a whisk but be strong enough to withstand midwestern weather and customers pulling on it when entering the dessert shop. These were a challenging set of requirements, but we achieved the goals by designing thick wire loops with a circular base in black steel.

How we did it

First, we made a full-size plastic prototype for Chris to make sure he liked the door pull’s design and size. We then 3D-printed the entire door pull in black steel. A flat door plate was added to connect the pull to the wooden bakery door. We were happy to hear from Chris after the whisk door pull was attached to the bakery door. “The handle looks quite amazing.”

Smallcakes is a franchise with locations all across the country, and Chris is thrilled to represent new pins on their map. They serve classic, as well as original flavors of cupcakes and ice cream. Recently, they have even added cupcake-infused ice cream to their menu! The owners of Smallcakes branches are allowed to design their own stores while relying on a set model and training system. The company’s role includes help with everything from recipes to growth.

Customer Satisfaction

The new whisk door pull at Smallcakes looks cute and one-of-a-kind up against the bakery’s front door. It certainly provides customers with a fun way to enter. Nothing makes us more satisfied with our work than hearing about our clients’ own satisfaction, and Chris was ecstatic about the outcome. If you are searching for a unique gift for a relative or friend, look no further. We design and manufacture custom hardware for shops, breweries, restaurants, companies, individuals, and more. Here at Knockout Designs, we are pumped to whisk up our next door pull!