Precious at Connecticut-based Beer’d Brewing Co. reached out to Knockout Designs for some new, custom designs. They needed cabinet and door hardware that would highlight their unique logo and brand. This included a barn door pull, coat hook, and drawer pull. The selection was for their original taproom in Stonington, CT, and new taproom in Groton, CT. Even when a coat is hanging on the coat hook, the logo is still visible.

The barn doors have a hops design, which pulls apart easily. You can see the full design when the doors are closed. Hops play a special role in beer production, as they are the flowers that give beer unique flavors. We chose a dark grey shade of metal (black steel) for this design. The hops design required a team effort on our end, in order for it to function correctly and look aesthetically appealing. Our functionality and design teams merged their expertise to create the optimal hardware for our client. It is a simple but well-thought-out product. The design is 18.5 inches long. It is comprised of four separate components, although it only appears to be two. The cabinet knobs were a smaller component of our work, but they add to the ambiance in the brewery’s merch section.

Like many of our clients, Beer’d Brewing Co. has limited capacity at this time, as well as shortened operating hours. They are open Wednesdays through Sundays, with modified hours that are no later than 9 p.m. Currently, food must be ordered alongside drinks, as Connecticut requires this for bars that have reopened. We look forward to helping many more breweries with the reopening process. Since hours are so much shorter for small businesses, we hope you will take the opportunity to improve your spaces with hardware made especially for you.