One of our most recent clients was Wheelie Pop Brewing which close friends Mark and Jeremy own. Wheelie Pop Brewing is an innovative and down-to-earth brewery that crafts flavorful beers. Wheelie Pop Brewing needed custom tap handles for their new location. That’s where Knockout Designs comes in! For Wheelie Pop Brewing, their custom tap handles needed to incorporate their black, white, and blue logo on the top of a wooden tap handle. We created a 3D rendering to model the tap handle with their logo. After confirming the draft with Mark at Wheelie Pop Brewing, we transitioned to production. For Wheelie Pop Brewing, we printed the Wheelie Pop logo in plastic and placed it at the top of the wooden handle. We added a blackboard inset on the square wooden shaft of the tap handle, which allows them to label the names of the different beers on the tap handle. We manufactured 15 tap handles for their new taproom; check out their social media to see how the custom tap handles have been displayed!

Knockout Designs specializes in small orders, but we also have the capacity for larger distribution tap handle orders. At Knockout Designs, we work with wood as well as 3D-printed metal and plastic to create unique tap handles for craft breweries, restaurants, and bars. The Knockout Designs team of designers and fabricators works with brewery owners to ensure they receive the tap handle they have envisioned.

Based in Seattle, Washington, Wheelie Pop Brewing loves experimenting with recipes to create flavorful and unique blends for all its customers. Focused on quality over tradition, they’re not afraid to push the envelope with their recipes while remaining conscious of the environment and focused on sustainability. The name Wheelie Pop came from Mark and Jeremy’s sons’ who would call “wheelies” wheelie pops. As their sons brought them together in the first place, Wheelie Pop became the perfect name for their brewery. Creating this exclusive set of 3D-printed and carefully crafted tap handles for Wheelie Pop Brewing was a pleasure. We always look forward to creating new, unique tap handles for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, and even homebrewers in the future.

Wheelie Pop Brewing Tap