Tablas Creek Vineyards Designs Story

Tablas Creek Vineyards contacted Knockout Designs for new laser engraved, painted wooden tap handles for their, white, red, and rosé wines on tap. Tablas Creek is committed to combating climate change by distributing wine in kegs. Tablas Creek Vineyards is located in Paso Robles in southern California and is a vineyard dedicated to sustainability and environmentalism. Wine on tap reduces the amount of thrown-away glass bottles. It equally helps reduce costs for bars and restaurants serving wine by the glass. It couldn’t be better said than Tablas Creek Vineyard itself “…we believe in the potential for regenerative agriculture to make a meaningful contribution to solving the world’s most pressing climate and resource challenges”. As of 2010 Tablas Creek has been using a variety of environmentally friendly and biodynamic techniques at their vineyard in order to be as sustainable as possible while producing high-quality wines.

Tablas Creek Vineyard Creative Process

Knockout Designs worked with Ian at Tablas Creek to create a laser-engraved wooden tap handle with their logo and the painted color for the wines below. All the wooden tap handles and products produced by Knockout Designs are sealed, which makes them durable and water-resistant! Knockout Designs specializes in small tap handle orders but also has the capacity for larger distribution tap handle orders. Our custom tap handles, as well as our custom door and cabinet hardware, help to enhance the brand for each craft brewery, bar, and restaurant.

Knockout Designs Manufacturing

Knockout Designs manufactures tap handles, beer flights, and door hardware with various materials, including wood and 3D-printed metal and plastic, to create exclusive products for craft breweries, restaurants, wineries, vineyard tasting rooms, bars, and even the at-home brewer! Knockout Design’s team of 3D modelers and fabricators works with designers, brewers, and vintners to ensure our clients receive the product they have envisioned. Creating these exclusive tap handles for Tablas Creek Vineyards was a pleasure, and we won’t forget their impressive dedication to the environment.

Our Custom Offers

Knockout Designs always looks forward to creating new, unique tap handles and products for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, and homebrewers in the future. If you’re interested in the diverse range of potential design options Knockout Designs offers, check us out on social media at Instagram and Facebook, or Contact Us.

Bad Daddy Design Custom Beer Tap by Knockout Designs