Roger from Four City Brewing Company contacted Knockout Designs for custom tap handles with their logo and name. Their brand new brewery is located in Orange, New Jersey. The Knockout Design team created a 10” glossy black wooden handle. Then “Four City Brewing Company” was painted on the shaft and an orange “4” logo was placed in a circle on top of the shaft. The sleek design features a glossy black handle with vibrant orange paint making the handle extremely eye-catching. Four City Brewing Company had previously ordered tap handles that were created with wood and decals. When Four City Brewing Company reordered their tap handles, they expressed their excitement for the new glossy black design. The Knockout Designs team incorporated UV LED paint to create the vibrant name and logo on the handle. With a variety of materials and innovative designs, Knockout Designs helps clients create custom pieces that add a personal touch to their establishment. Specializing in smaller, individual orders allows Knockout Designs to create such personal works. Additionally, Four City Brewing Company will be distributing their new tap handles to various local bars and restaurants. These custom handles are a great marketing tool!

The three founders of Four City, Roger Apollon, Jeff Gattens, and Anthony Minervino, built and named the taproom after the brewery’s prime location to the New Jersey Transit Orange train station. The brewery’s name reflects the four surrounding communities (West Orange, East Orange, South Orange, and Orange). The tap handles and beer names that will be displayed in the taproom, as well as the frequent live musical performances, reflect the artistic atmosphere of the establishment and the surrounding Orange communities. These personal tap handles are entirely unique and the Knockout Design team is flexible and open to artistic visions from all of our clients. We hope to work with Four City Brewing Company again soon!


Four City Brewing Company Tap