Wah Gwaan Brewery Custom Cricket Tap Handle

Wah Gwaan Brewing Company is a Jamaican brewery located in Denver, Colorado. Harsha, one of the owners of Wah Gwaan Brewing, ordered custom cricket tap handles to complement the Jamaican theme brewery. The Knockout Design team created a 10” wooden tap handle and laser engraved the Wah Gwaan logo onto the bat-shaped tap handle. Wah Gwaan posted their tap handle on Instagram with the following caption:
“We ready fi di next cricket match!
JK these are our new tap handles that came out even better than we anticipated! Thank you so much @knockoutknobs ”

Wah Gwaan Brewing was established to help foster a piece of home for Jamaican and other Caribbean immigrants and children of immigrants. They also aim to serve exceptional beer, as can be found in both Jamaica and Colorado. Gwaan Brewing also hosts a variety of community events, such as a paint and sip event at the start of next month.

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Wah Gwaan Cricket Bat Tap Handle Featured