Meier’s Creek Brewery is a new brewery in Cazenovia, NY. They are also more than just a simple brewery. They take pride in food production, and have a menu that includes labeled vegan and gluten free options. Meier’s Creek wanted wooden, paddle-shaped tap handles with 4 different designs for their new tap room. Additionally, they asked us to design paddle-shaped beer flights for serving small samples of different beers. These beer flights have 4 holes, the perfect amount for serving a small group. They are a colorful way for waiters to serve customers without worrying about tipping drinks over on a tray.

This was our first-ever order for wooden beer flights. We look forward to producing more in the future. The brewery wanted four different designs on the beer flights to complement the wooden tap handles. The designs include green, yellow, and red painted stripes. They asked for the Meier’s Creek Brewery logo laser to be engraved on the tap handle and beer flights. Our design team came up with some creative ways to include the color designs and the laser engraving on the tap handles and beer flights. We picked the wood for these designs meticulously, and checked in with Meier’s Creek for their input. These tap handles and beer flights were all made in New England, by small, local companies working through difficult times.

Knockout Designs manufactured and donated masks when businesses such as breweries had to remain closed for public safety. As small businesses continue the process of reopening, we are right by your side. We can manufacture custom designs of any number from 1 to 100. We specialize in tap handles and other hardware, and are always ready to take on a new idea or challenge.

Knockout Designs Beer Flight Holder 2
Knockout Designs Beer Paddle Taps