Copper Son Design Story

Copper Son Brewing Company is a brand new, black-owned business founded by entrepreneur and craft beer industry veteran Roger Apollon Jr. His vision when creating Copper Son Brewing was “classic beers with no frontiers!” Roger reached out to the Knockout Designs team to help bring to life his vision of tap handles that reflected the brands logo. Roger wanted a simple design where the Copper Son logo would have room to shine. The Knockout Designs team utilized white wooden tap handles and used a deep rust color for the logo. The UV LED paint is not only eye-catching with its vibrancy, but will help increase the durability of the tap handles through daily use. UV LED paint is extremely versatile and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Custom art that reflects an establishment’s theme or identity is important when creating a unique atmosphere for customers. These personalized Copper Son tap handles are the perfect touch of originality that differentiates them from others. At Knockout Designs, we specialize in creating tap handles in the Berkshire for breweries all over the US. We specialize in small orders but are more than happy to fill large orders for distribution! Our custom work allows brewers to create personalized designs with no minimum orders.

At Cooper Son Brewing Company, the art of brewing meets the soul of culture, music, and food. Copper Son’s handcrafted beers are made fresh in small batches by local family-owned and small businesses and in many cases, by people of color. The beer is also inspired by the rich heritage of the local community, blended with the finest ingredients, and infused with the rhythm of live music and flavors of local cuisine. You can find Copper Son beer in New York City and beyond. The Knockout Time had a blast creating these custom, quality tap handles. Cheers!

Bad Daddy Design Custom Beer Tap by Knockout Designs