Bad Daddy Design

Tivoli Brewing Company reached out and asked us to design and build custom tap handles for Bad Daddy Burger Bar. The Knockout Designs Team got to work and designed very special tap handles that reflect the burger bar’s classic American theme. Different colored shafts were used to represent the various types of beer they have to offer such as IPA, Craft Lager, and Amber Ale. Vibrant blues, reds, yellows, and oranges were painted using UV LED. UV LED paint was then used to create the vibrant and thoughtfully placed Big Daddy brand logo on the painted shafts. UV LED paint is a great way to increase durability and overall product quality. Sticking to the burger theme, the team utilized all current technology to carefully design a 3D burger to place directly on top of the shafts. This intricate design required creative thinking to produce quality content and ensure that all the tap handles pieces fit together perfectly. By 3D printing each separate part of the cheeseburger (the glistening bun with seeds, the burger, the yellow melting cheese, the green lettuce, and the red tomato), the team was able to produce a deliciously realistic mini cheeseburger!

This custom design is colorful and eye-catching and adds the perfect personal touch to the burger bar. Bad Daddy Burger Bar has strong southern roots, originating in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, with their success, they were able to expand to various locations across the country including Denver, CO where these new tap handles will be showcased. With a casual atmosphere, the bar successfully embodies a classic American burger joint. This one-of-a-kind artistic design will be the perfect new feature for the burger and beer bar. We had such a blast creating this unique design and enjoyed working with Tivoli Brewing Company and Bad Daddy Burger Bar!

Bad Daddy Design Custom Beer Tap by Knockout Designs