Fairfield Family Vineyard is a small, family-owned vineyard in southern California. They do not distribute their wine. The owners wanted tapered wooden wine bar tap handles with their family logo on a black backdrop on top. They also wanted the Fairfield name laser engraved on the sides. They requested the writing on the side of the tap handles to match the color of the logos on top. The family ordered tap handles adorned with red, white, and rosé pink writing and logos. They produce red, white, and rosé wines. The family requested tall tap handles as well as short tap handles.

We 3D printed a black metal top and connected a plastic color logo to it, in the color of each wine. The handles themselves are triangular with flat edges. They are easy to grasp and switch on and off. The wine bar tap handles are precisely what the owners of Fairfield Family Vineyard pictured. The wood is rich with color and makes the logos pop! The family is enjoying the new addition to their vineyard.

Many restaurants now serve wine on tap to cut back on the wasted wine in half-used bottles.
Wine on tap is a popular and environmentally friendly way to serve wine. Wine bar tap handles can be a trendy and modern component of the customer experience. There are many elegantly-designed tap handles that can be used for wine, coffee, and other drinks. Not all tap handles are for beer, but we create beer tap handles as well! If you don’t see quite what you are looking for, Knockout Designs can turn your idea into a reality! Clients come to us with concepts of their design, or with vague ideas. We also remake previous orders. Scroll through the “Design Stories” page on our website for ideas and inspiration!

Wine Bar Tap Handle RT for Vineyard
Wine Bar Tap Handle FVF for Vineyard