Volition Brewing Company is a brewery located all the way across the country from Knockout Designs, in North Bend, Washington! The brewery offers beer to-go as well as Founders Club memberships. Both kids and dogs are welcome! Lucas from Volition Brewing Co. ordered tap handles for the brewery’s new tap room. We 3D-printed a black steel logo with space to insert a white, Volition “V” amongst mountains. North Bend is located next to Rattlesnake Mountain, and near Tiger Mountain, Cougar Mountain, Mount Si, and others. It is also not far from Seattle. Lucas wanted the tap handle to be short and have their name laser engraved on the shaft.

Our design team used creativity to its fullest for this task. They manufactured an intricately structured, 3D-printed logo, then attached it to a cut and polished block of wood. You might even say they designed this tap handle… with Volition! They aimed for a contrast between the detailed landscape and the simplistic coloring. Looking at these tap handles can almost bring you right to the brewery’s scenic location.

The team at Knockout Designs had a joyful time designing tap handles for a brewery in this unique location. We always enjoy learning about new places in the process of filling orders! Our number-one priority is always to satisfy customers through our collaborative custom design process. We are willing to be as involved in designing as clients find helpful. As Knockout Designs has expanded our reach as a company, we have also increased the number of tap handles clients can purchase, per order. We are always happy to fill reorders. We love being able to grow our own business by helping our clients grow theirs! Every tap handle we manufacture has its own story, and is a customer’s idea brought to life.

Volition Custom Tap by Knockout Designs