Truth or Consequences Brewing is a client of Knockout Designs located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. T or C Brewing was recently looking for a new logo design tap handle. We cut the wood in the shape of their logo and then put a decal on the wooden handle to emphasize their logo. A large wooden “T” and “C” are painted orange, with a blue piece connecting them that includes a white “or.” “Brewing Co.” is written at the bottom in gold paint, with a white backdrop. Their logo is also written as “Truth or Consequences,” but can be abbreviated, just like the city name. The tap handles are now in use and contribute to the brewery’s fun ambiance.

The brewery serves a variety of beers, as well as wines, ciders, and seltzers. Truth or Consequences is quiet and renowned for its hot springs. It used to be named Hot Springs, until a radio show host sparked a change. He announced he would host his show, Truth or Consequences, from the first town to rename itself after the show. Truth or Consequences has had many spas since the early 1900s, using water sourced from wells and free-flowing hot springs. Many of these spas are located alongside the Rio Grande. The town has casitas for tourists to rent, although it is truly off the beaten path.

Knockout Designs, Truth or Consequences Tap Handle