Tidal Creek Brewhouse is a beachtown brewery in South Carolina. They serve beer, coffee, and meals all day long. Dara from Tidal Creek asked us to replicate their previous wooden tap handle. Their logo (a fiddler crab holding hops) was carved into the wood. We let Dara know that we could laser engrave their logo, and in wood. The result was a much clearer logo, “Tidal Creek Brewhouse” name, and the brewery’s coordinates. They ordered 50 wooden tap handles, to be manufactured quickly for their growing distribution.

With parameters set by Tidal Creek Brewhouse, the design team at Knockout Designs selected a light-colored, beige wood. The logo is engraved on a circle at the tip of the tap handle. The design is elegant and emanates a beachy, seaside vibe. You can almost picture intrepid  sailors enjoying glasses of beer poured by the local beach bartender, at 33°40’N and 78°56’W.

The Knockout Designs crew is thrilled to be expanding our production of tap handles for distribution. Tap handles are a unique way to advertise, and one that clients appreciate. Our beer distributor clients tell us that tap rooms, restaurants, and bars are grateful to receive tap handles along with the kegs of beer they order. We can engrave logos onto wood, as well screen print and 3D-print logos in metal. Aside from logos, we have experience designing blackboard tap handles so that specific beers can be labeled in chalk and later erased. We also design doorknobs as well as many other unique custom hardware pieces. These beachy tap handles turned out to be perfect for beer distribution in the Myrtle Beach area. We are excited for more, creative projects to come!


Knockout Designs. Tidal Creek Tap Handle