Want to kick back with a cold beer in Greenville, South Carolina? Tetrad Brewing Company has got you covered. The word “tetrad” means a group or arrangement of four. It symbolizes the four ingredients used to make beer: grain, hops, yeast, and water. Tetrad Brewing Company is new; it just opened in September, after many years of planning and building. As new (and old) breweries typically do, Tetrad needed tap handles to complete their interior design.

John and Chad from Tetrad Brewing Company reached out to us so they could customize their new beer tap handles. They requested black steel for the material and worked with our designers to come up with something perfect for their new place. The final product is a 10” black steel tap handle with a 2” square Tetrad logo. It was a complex model to design, but our 3D printing technology eased the process. 3D printing ensures precision in each and every copy we produce. We are especially proud of the logo section of this black steel tap handle due to the delicate nature of the mountain outlines. Our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) renderings are malleable and can be altered at any point to suit your preferences.

Our tap handles are thriving in their new home over at Tetrad Brewery! We couldn’t be more thrilled. We love working with new clients as well as old. We can manufacture up to 100 tap handles per order. We are also happy to re-print tap handles that we already designed in a previous order. Knockout Designs can create new designs based on a completely new concept that you bring to us. Alternately, we can manufacture hardware for you from the Products section of our website if you do not want a custom design. We look forward to working with new businesses, both small and large, as well as with individuals!