Here at Knockout Designs, our latest adventure was designing a wine tap handle! A winery called Wooden Wheel Vineyards LLC, in Keota, Iowa, requested five tap handles for serving their Steel Horse Wine. They wanted a wooden tap handle, screen-printed with the Iron Horse logo and name. The Iron Horse Wines logo showcases an image of an iron horse’s eye; the eye has a red iris and is contrasted with iron-colored skin. The owners of Wooden Wheel Vineyards pride themselves on spiced wine and wanted a tap handle that would reflect their unique, yet elegant flavors.

In order to bring Wooden Wheel Vineyards’ idea to life, we thought hard about what designs would look best. After discussing with the owners, we settled on black and white screen printing, on top of a polished piece of wood that is still visible on the sides. The screen-printed font gives off a Wild West aesthetic, one which coincides with the concept of steel horses. We attached this beautiful and mysterious-looking shank to a classic metal spout. The owners of Wooden Wheel Vineyards are thrilled with the Iron Horse Wines final product and told us they have been receiving many compliments on the design. Tap handles can draw attention to wine, beer, and other beverages when they are designed as meticulously and intricately as we do.

For our next project, perhaps we will design a handle for serving bubble tea or smoothies on tap. We love every type of unusual, creative operation that is granted to us. So far, we have designed tap handles ranging anywhere from beer to nitro cold brew coffee. At Knockout Designs, we thrive off of challenges. We will design and manufacture any number of tap handles, from one to one hundred. In addition, we are open to and experienced in designing knobs, door handles, door knockers, and many other types of hardware.

Iron Horse Wines Tap