A unique Father’s Day gift

Kori decided to order a custom tap handle of the St. Augustine lighthouse for her husband for Father’s Day. She described the lighthouse to us in detail, and we also found images of it online. For the base, we used wood and black and white paint. At the top of the tap handle, we created a 3D-printed “light” using three different colors of plastic: red, black, and yellow. This was a complex design, since it required two different methods of production and we had to create pieces that fit together. The 3D-printed piece was also very intricate, but we enjoyed the challenge.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is a hidden gem of a tourist site in Florida. St. Augustine as a city is known for its ghost history and ghost tours, and the lighthouse is no exception. All kinds of tours are available for visitors. The lighthouse and its attached museum offer an after-dark paranormal tour, a lens room tour, and a sunset-moonrise viewing experience. The lighthouse is not quite on the beach, but it is near the beach (due to the threat of erosion). For Kori and her husband in Arkansas, the lighthouse represents their favorite vacation spot: the beaches of St. Augustine.

Kori’s husband loved his new, one-of-a-kind, Father’s Day gift. To them, the lighthouse is a shining memory of their time spent in a beautiful, historic place. Here at Knockout Designs, unique and creative designs are our specialty. You can order tap handles shaped as whatever you please. This lighthouse was a great project for us. We were able to use our artistic skills, as well as learn the history of what we hope to be our next vacation spot!