Slalom Build, a consulting agency for the technology industry, recently requested a custom office tap handle. They pride themselves on their role in building “the modern technology products of tomorrow.” Employees at Slalom Build have backgrounds in engineering and software development. They are sought out for their abilities to find solutions to Information Technology. Chris from Slalom Build ordered custom office tap handles for their Chicago location, requesting a wooden handle with their name and logo.

The Design

Because of their location, Chris wanted the top of the handle to showcase part of the Chicago skyline. The custom office tap handle featured cyan-painted, raised surfaces while incorporating white paint on a portion of it. The top of the handle is made of black steel, and the raised surfaces detail the skyline’s intricacies. In keeping with Slalom Build’s modern theme, their logo “slalom_build” is shown in two different colors. The wooden shank slants outwards on the upper end to give it a more dramatic look. It is connected with a threaded insert.

The Challenge

It was challenging to design and execute the production of this custom office tap handle. We made a few 3D renderings and prototypes before we found the perfect design for the wood handle and the metal skyline. In the end, we were able to successfully manufacture what Chris had in mind. The people at Slalom Build are happy with their new tap handles, an addition to their already-contemporary office space.

Our team at Knockout Designs works with a large variety of companies, individuals, and local restaurants and breweries. Some designs are more complicated than others due to intricacy. As a result, many of our designs are highly intricate and require 3D printing and/or a combination of materials. Our goal is always to satisfy the client and come up with creative solutions and ideas for designs. This new Slalom Build tap handle fits right in at its new home, and we could not be more thrilled.