This week, we designed an intricate set of logo tap handles for Skewed Brewery to help the bar rebrand itself. Skewed Brewery is a locally-owned bar in Watertown, New York. The owners reached out to us to help refurnish the design of their place. Their former tap handles were mismatched and contributed to a somewhat chaotic feel. The handle designs were based on the type of beer instead of on the brewery’s image. Part of the owners’ vision was to install new logo tap handles that all matched and created a more cohesive, hospitable environment.

These logo tap handles look both elegant and professional, featuring Skewed Brewery’s logo prominently. We spoke with the owners over the phone to figure out how exactly they wanted the design to look. They came to the conclusion that 3D printing was the only way to replicate Skewed Brewery’s intricate logo in metal. The logo is a complex geometric shape which includes a well-defined border. The owners picked out nickel metal for the logo and walnut wood shafts. The walnut wood shafts add a subtle, chic touch to the handles due to their light, even tone. We began the process of constructing all the tap handles by making a plastic prototype, which the owners quickly approved. We then proceeded to make the final products.

According to the owners’ feedback, Skewed Brewery’s new logo tap handles make a meaningful addition to the bar. They add an authentic touch to the feel of this local gem’s beer. Skewed Brewery says that they strive “to skew the norm of food and drink with 48 taps and fresh local food.” They already had their food and drinks perfected, and now they also have skewed logo tap handles to enhance their ambiance. Dining at Skewed Brewery is now a fulfilling experience for all the senses.

Skewed Brewery Logo Tap Handles