Some of our favorite tap handles to design are the ones with fun, unique logos. The Ravenous Pig is a brewery with that type of logo. The Ravenous Pig is located in Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. Lure Designs, a graphic design company hired by the Ravenous Pig, contacted us to design a pig tap handle for the brewery. The whole brewery, including some items on the menu, is pig-themed. In addition to their brick-and-mortar location, The Ravenous Pig Brewing Company has two other locations which carry their beer. One is a casual place called “The Polite Pig” and the other, a sister restaurant called “Cask & Larder.”

This is exactly the type of design that we 3D print. All of our metal designs are 3D-printed to ensure precision with advanced technology. Our designers worked hard to make sure that our outline was a good representation of the logo. The brewing company’s logo is a pig, so we created a free-standing outline of the pig’s features in black steel. The black steel logo is placed on top of a hexagon-shaped, oak wooden handle. Below the wood is a brass ferrule, which is attached to the tap itself.

Whether we 3D-print black steel pigs or anything else, we meticulously ensure that all the details are correct. We use our 3D printing technology for metal and plastic, and use other manufacturing equipment for wood. In addition, we use other methods (such as screen-printing) to achieve different effects when necessary. At Knockout Designs, we make sure our clients are satisfied at every step of the way. We work together to brainstorm design ideas, and we send a prototype to be approved before delivering the final order. Knockout Designs manufactures anywhere from 1 to 100 copies of each design. We are most excited at work when designing creative tap handles such as this pig tap handle.