Provincetown Brewing Company participates in recreational activism, or, as they call it, draftivism. They donate a portion of every sale to charity, so you can always feel great about yourself and know that you’re supporting important causes while enjoying a Provincetown Brew. The charities they help fund include LGBTQ+ community organizations, a local arts organization, and an environmental trust. The brewery just opened this past June, right in time for Provincetown’s summer season, and they needed a wooden tap handle that’s logo laser-engraved on top. The laser-engraved wooden tap handles we designed for them are now used both in the brewery and for distribution. They add to the design of the brewery and represent their brand at all the bars and restaurants which serve Provincetown beer on tap. Provincetown Brewing Co. also serves food, so diners can enjoy a meal alongside their cold beer.

In the making of this wooden tap handle, we paid close attention to the precision of the engraved logo. It had to be clear and visible, so we used birchwood with the least amount of grain. The logo came out precisely and accurately, and the exact shade of medium brown that we aimed for. The shaft of the wooden tap handle is smooth and light brown, in a classic rectangular shape. The edges are angled and slightly rounded to make it smoother and more appealing to look at. Erik from Provincetown Brewing Co. has already thanked us and told us that he is thrilled with the outcome. We know their beer is great because they have already had to reorder the tap handles to send to all the new bars and restaurants serving Provincetown beer.

 Knockout Designs is a great partner for a new brewery since we can help with design ideas and create a custom tap handle that’s perfect for your specific place. We manufacture wooden tap handles, plastic tap handles, metal tap handles, and hardware besides tap handles as well. As a custom hardware company, our niche is in seeing clients as unique. We work with breweries, restaurants, companies, and individuals to create tap handles and other hardware that can’t be found anywhere else. When you work with Knockout Designs, you can be assured that your design will be of utmost quality.