Peak View Brewing Company is a mountain-inspired Coloradan brewery. They are located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The owners wanted mountains tap handles with their logo in plastic and a wooden shaft with a blackboard for the different beers. Knockout Designs created a two-color cutout plastic logo with mountains for them. Peak View Brewing Co. is proud to be veteran-owned. They provide a community space for veterans and host veteran-driven events. The brewing company is also family- and dog-friendly, with a taproom (where dogs are welcome), outdoor patio, and multiple restaurants. They host trivia every Thursday night at the brewery!

Our mountains tap handles for Peak View Brewing Co. were meticulously designed by our team. They have a rectangular blackboard attached to a block of wood with a strong grain pattern. Atop the shaft, we attached their black and white, plastic logo. The design theme was natural and authentic Coloradan. Since mountains tower above all else in Colorado, the mountains are at the top of the tap handle (as part of the logo). The tap handles are versatile; they are not specific to any particular beer, and any name can be written on the blackboard. This will contribute to the venue’s homey, welcoming vibe.

Knockout Designs is thrilled to continue our recent trend of serving veteran-owned businesses. The two founders of Peak View Brewing Co., Sean and Justen, have both served in the U.S. Air Force. Knockout Designs specializes in custom-made tap handles, which are generally ordered by small businesses. Many of our clients are breweries and restaurants. We have also designed products for individuals, large companies, coffee shops, and more. Some of our other product categories are door handles, knobs, and door pulls. We always ship a prototype prior to each order to ensure that the product is designed exactly how our client would like. If you are interested in ordering custom hardware, you can reach us at or (212) 724-2261.

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