Paddle Hard Brewing is new brewery in Grayling, Michigan. Dave and Cindy, the owners and brewers of Paddle Hard Brewing, wanted their tap handle to resemble a racing paddle. A racing paddle is different from an everyday canoe paddle, and this distinction was important to them. As indicated by the its name, canoe racing is part of the brewery’s culture. This makes sense since race canoeing is also a large part of Grayling’s culture. Grayling hosts the annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon every summer. This is part of the Triple Crown of Canoe Racing (a worldwide canoe racing series).

The new paddle tap handle is an made of black steel. It has an elegant luster to it that subtly draws attention to the logo. The letters in the logo differ in size; the words expand towards the center of the circle they are in. This makes the paddle tap handle look more fun and eccentric, as is canoe culture. A set of paddles is also featured as part of the logo, of course. While the logo circle is the central part of the tap handle, the rest of the design is also aesthetically pleasing. We worked hard to come up with the unique design that you can see in the photos below. We made sure to include both rounded edges and an angular texture to keep the paddle tap handle interesting.

Knockout Designs now has tap handles at breweries and coffee bars in Michigan, New York, Alaska, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Canada. Tap handles are necessary at bars, but they also make a perfect gift for home brewers. Custom tap handles can also be gifted by breweries to all the restaurants and bars they sell beer to. This is an excellent technique for marketing a beer brand. Knockout Designs is here for all of your custom tap handle needs, whether you desire 3D-printed metal tap handles, wooden tap handles, or anything else.