In December of 2020, Paul from Nik & Ivy Brewing contacted Knockout Designs for a laser engraved logo tap handle for their new tap room. Nik & Ivy had opened only four months earlier, in Lockport, Illinois. Paul and Chrissy had a few design ideas for their tap room and distribution tap handles. The Knockout Designs modelling and design team showed them renderings of a few wooden and plastic options. The Ivniks chose the laser engraved wooden tap handle.

Nik & Ivy’s new tap handles are made of wood to fit in with the brewery’s elegant design. The front and back of the tap handles are laser engraved. This gives them a hip, modern feel. We put blackboards on the sides so that employees could identify the beer on tap. The logo section of the tap handles is at the top, forming a circle above a shaft with the brewery’s name. We also laser engraved ivy surrounding the name. These tap handles are flat and mostly rectangular, making them easy to quickly flip open and closed. This style tap handle is perfect for any brewery that aims for simplistic design, alongside specially engraved details.

Paul and Chrissy are thrilled with how their tap handles came out. To ensure that our clients are happy, Knockout Designs always mails a prototype of each design before producing the final pieces. We manufacture all kinds of custom hardware, specializing in tap handles. We have also designed knobs, door pulls, and more obscure pieces. Our clients are located all throughout the United States. Materials we use include wood, plastic, nickel, black steel, antique stainless steel, bronze, and gold. We work with breweries, restaurants, other businesses, and individuals, often home brewers. Get creative for your next gift, and order from Knockout Designs!​

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