Shakopee Brew Hall requested a new design for a custom logo tap handle

The Shakopee Brew Hall needed an update for the tap handles in their tap room

Knockout Knobs worked with the Ryan the brewery owner and his logo designer to create a custom logo tap handle which would make it possible for the bartender to see through the tap handle when pouring beer. The tap handles at Shakopee Brew Hall are in between the bartender and the customer. They needed tap handles which did not obstruct the view of the customer or the bartender. Both the plastic and metal designs have interchangeable discs for changing brews.

The peacock logo worked well to create a see through tap handle. The plastic design is very sturdy. We can print this design for Shakopee in a variety of plastic colors and metal. These two logo tap handles are a good example of how different designs work for metal and plastic. When we print in plastic we try to use as much material as possible to make the plastic strong. When we print in metal we try to use as little material as possible to keep the costs down. Knockout Knobs is committed to working with every brewery to find the perfect solution for their tap handle needs.