7 Clans Brewing is a majority-female indigenous-owned brewing company located in the heart of Western North Carolina. In keeping with the long tradition of women within indigenous cultures crafting fermented beverages, 7 Clans Brewing derives its name from the 7 Clans of the Cherokee. 7 Clans is focused on continuing Cherokee traditions while blending two: craft brewing and storytelling. 7 Clans has a variety of incredible craft brews ranging from citrusy and hoppy IPAs to malt-forward American blonde and brown ales. Their current taproom is located in Western North Carolina.

Knockout Designs created one-of-a-kind tap handles for 7 Clans Brewing that includes a wooden seven as the shaft of the tap handle, complete with the 7 Clans 3d-printed metal logo on top of it. We used UV LED painting to paint white highlights on the seven metal logos. 7 Clans Brewing ordered eight custom metal and wooden tap handles for their new taproom. The custom tap handles also included a space for a plastic insert where the names of the beers could be added.

Previously, Knockout Designs has created a plethora of unique tap handles, many of which are equipped with stylish and functional adornments that the client can label with the name of their craft brew. This ensures that the client can personalize each tap handle. We enjoyed meeting the challenge of creating this elaborate tap handle for this majority-female indigenous-owned brewing company utilizing all of our state-of-the-art 3D printing and painting technologies. Knockout Design’s team of 3D modelers and fabricators works with designers, brewers, and vintners to ensure our clients receive the exact tap handle they have envisioned. Creating this exclusive set of tap handles for 7 Clans Brewing was a pleasure. We always look forward to creating new, unique tap handles for craft breweries, bars, restaurants, and even homebrewers in the future.

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