Kari Ann is the owner of Hypnotic Chicken, a restaurant in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Steamboat Springs is a beautiful ski town with a small-town feel as well as many tourists. The restaurant has a large mirrored chicken above the bar. Kari Ann requested a tap handle for their margaritas and moscow mule drinks on tap which would stand out amongst all the beer tap handles.

Kari decided on bright orange and green tap handles with the disco ball on top, because she figured they would not get lost amongst the beer tap handles. The tap handles are festive and feature the restaurant’s chicken logo. Knockout Designs has used disco balls on tap handles before, but these were our first tap handles with a chicken theme! We laser engraved the wooden tap handles, then painted them neon orange and green and put the disco ball on top. The moscow mule handle is orange, and the margarita handle is green.

Steamboat Springs is also well-known for its geothermal hot springs. There are many spas built around these hot springs, which tourists visit after a long day on the slopes. Hypnotic Chicken is a restaurant, bar, and drive-through spot.

Each new business we work with at Knockout Designs is a whole new adventure! We work individually with clients to meet their custom needs. Our design team specializes in tap handles, doorknobs, and other hardware. Knockout Designs services businesses all throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe and we love to learn about our clients’ locations. This helps us understand their clientele. Our designs can be featured in small businesses, larger offices, or even in clients’ homes. Many of our clients are home brewers. We also enjoy creating tap handles as gifts for our clients’ loved ones and friends. Reach out to Knockout Designs for your specialty hardware needs!

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