April at Guadalupe Mountain Brewing Company in Carlsbad, NM reached out to us in search of the perfect tap handle. She wanted their logo to be printed in plastic and on top of a wooden tap handle. Guadalupe Mountain Brewing Co. is a spacious brewery that serves beer, non-alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, salads, and other food items. They were in search of a simple, yet customized design that would fit in with the restaurant’s color scheme. This is exactly what we created for them.

The top of the tap handle is made of two-color printed plastic; dark grey and white. It embodies the logo, which has gray print on a white background. The logo’s ring around the perimeter makes it pop and draws attention to it at the brewery. The wooden handle has a blackboard insert so that the brewery employees can write the names of the beer varieties on each one. Once we created a prototype for Guadalupe Mountain Brewing and April approved it, we mailed them twenty tap handles to install at the brewery. We always make sure to create prototypes and ensure that our clients are happy with the design before finalizing it.

At Knockout Designs, our top priority is bringing clients’ ideas to life. We aim to do so in creative ways that they may not have thought of on their own. Some of our clients are breweries, others are home brewers, and others order hardware that has nothing to do with beer. We use advanced 3D printing technology to keep our process thorough and intricate, and not miss any details. Our in-house 3D printing makes everything quick and easy. Through this process, we are able to manufacture any number of a particular design, from one to one hundred.

Guadalupe Mountain Brewing Company Tap