Chris at The Glass Jug Beer Lab needed different wooden tap handle designs for the brewery’s beer, seltzer, water and guest tap handles. The Glass Jug Beer Lab is located in Durham, North Carolina, and prides itself on staying involved with the local community. At Knockout Designs, we laser engraved each of the Glass Jug’s designs into matching wooden handles. The wooden tap handles designs are quirky, science-y and fun. There are multiple designs for each category of drink. Laser engraving creates an old-school look with just two tones on a block of wood. Each tap handle’s shaft is thick, long and rectangular. They include words such as “opacity” and “anatomic.” We love creating tap handles that help breweries connect with the communities they cater to. The Glass Jug’s atmosphere helps them with all of their community-building events.

The Glass Jug Beer Lab has their own brand of beer, which will be showcased by their new tap handles.

They donate 10% of their annual profits to local charitable organizations. The brewery is in the Research Triangle, an area of Durham that includes three research-focused universities and many technology startups. The new wooden tap handles are getting rave reviews on social media and at The Glass Jug Beer Lab. We are lucky to have been able to contribute even a little to a small business’s success. The Research Triangle is home to a special community of innovators. The Glass Jug contributes to the community feel of the area, as well as donates to help locals in need. Knockout Designs has been privileged to work with many inspiring businesses all throughout the country, and this is no exception. We manufacture and design specialized pieces that suit each individual customer’s needs. These hardware pieces include tap handles, doorknobs, doorbells, and more.

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