Our latest client was Garrett’s, a new brewery in Trumansburg, NY. Garrett’s serves many different types of house-crafted brews. They serve Pilsner Beer, #Almost, a variety of seasonal beers, and more. Garrett’s hosts their own events, such as “Girls Pint Out” night coming up in April for women who love beer.

Since Garrett’s opened very recently, they obviously needed a new set of tap handles. The tap handles we made for them are plastic on a ten-inch red oak shaft. It took a few tries, but finally we found the correct shade of blue to use. We used two colors for the plastic: blue and off-white. The shape of the plastic piece comes from their logo and is a unique type of hexagon with rounded edges. We essentially recreated their logo to be three-dimensional, including a textured surface. A much larger version of the Garrett’s logo is featured on the wall of the brewery as well. It can also be seen in various spots throughout the restaurant. The tap handle fits right in. The red oak shaft is light brown with darker, natural lines that give it a textured look. The tap itself is a metal piece that is visually attractive but does not distract from its handle.

Here at Knockout Designs, no task is too large or too small. We can make one copy of a tap handle for one brewery, and one hundred copies for another. Our method of 3D printing is extremely precise and accurate since we use only the most advanced technology. We can apply 3D printing to both plastic and metal. We can also combine it with other techniques such as screen printing. Any one of our clients can attest to how quickly we produce tap handles and other designs. This is unique since all of our designs are custom, and we always make prototypes for clients to approve first.