Festival Café Negroni Cocktail Tap Handle

Festival Café wanted a Negroni cocktail tap handle for their custom Negroni cocktail on tap. Festival Cafe is located in NYC’s Upper East Side. We fabricated a wooden tap handle with “Nitro” laser engraved on one side and “Negroni” laser engraved on the other side. They wanted their logo in bronze on top of a tapered painted wooden tap handle. The logo is 3D printed, with an intricate interior as part of its elegant design. It is attached on top of the cocktail tap handle shaft using a small base. The color of the laser engraved lettering matches the bronze color of the logo.

Festival Café prides itself on being “NYC’s only farm-to-bar cocktail experience.” In addition to seasonal cocktails and fine dining during evening hours, the restaurant also serves coffee and pastries in the morning. They serve daytime cocktails in the afternoon. As of recently, Festival Café’s signature cocktails are also available to-go! There will soon be a subscription-based service for those interested in discounts. The new tap handles are a fantastic addition to the ambiance, for those who prefer indoor dining to the restaurant’s outdoor heated cabanas. Happy hour is every day at Festival Cafe, and most days they stay open until midnight. Private parties may reserve their own rooms.

These new tap handles are one example of creative marketing for restaurants. Many other establishments order tap handles not only for themselves but also for distribution. Custom tap handles enhance atmospheres at bars and restaurants, and distribution tap handles spread the word! Knockout Designs also manufactures custom tap handles for corporations, homebrewers, and many other types of clientele. Tap handles make an excellent gift for beer and wine enthusiasts. We work with clients to come up with new ideas, bring their ideas to life, and sometimes base designs off former orders on our website! Reach out to Knockout Designs at info@knockoutdesigns.com, or call (212) 724-2261.

Negroni cocktail tap handle
Nitro cocktail tap handle