At Knockout Designs, we recently had the privilege of working with a new type of client. We created a new custom tap for beer distributor, TapRm. They connect breweries with clients and provide varied, entire e-commerce solutions for sales. TapRm will deliver beer directly to customers’ doors. While browsing their website, you can search through sections for Staff Picks, TapRm Exclusive, Top Deals, and Fall Feels. Jason from TapRm contacted Knockout Designs about creating a tap handle they could distribute with some of their brands. This was a creative and fun way to spread awareness about TapRm and help the company grow.

Jason requested that we include TapRm’s logo, a yellow beer can, on the tap handle. The yellow beer can is positioned upright, on the top of a wooden handle with a blackboard insert. Bars and restaurants can use the Taprm logo tap handle to write in the name of the beer brand on the blackboard. The Knockout Designs design team worked to create a way to seamlessly attach a flat metal logo to a wooden handle. This was one of the few cases in which we decided against 3D printing for a metal piece. The metal TapRm logo was cut from a metal sheet, then painted.

Whatever creative hardware needs you might have, Knockout Designs is here to help out. We love designing custom tap handles for new and returning clients. If you like a particular design we have posted at any point, we can recreate it for you. We can also edit our previous designs to your liking, and you can reorder tap handles we designed for you. Each order can contain any number of pieces from 1 to 500! Knockout Designs works with breweries, home brewers, wineries, cideries, cold brew coffee vendors, companies, studios, and now, beer distributors. We would love to expand even more and add to our list!

Custom tap for beer distributor