Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia reached out to Knockout Designs to create a wooden cricket bat tap handle. The brewery ordered it for a customer of theirs, Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, PA. Merion Cricket Club serves Dock Street’s Sticky Wicket beer, a Golden Ale, for their players. Dock Street is a successful brewery with an extra layer: its new brewery, Dock Street South, has a “Center of Gravity Coffee Bar.” This is a coffee bar in the middle of the brewery, open every morning for breakfast. You can go there for your before-work joe, as well as your after-work beer!

The owners of Dock Street were looking for a creative and fun way to serve beer on tap. The design we conjured up together was nothing short of that; creative yet simplistic, and exactly what they were seeking. The shaft is made of wood and narrows down at the bottom, where it hits a series of bands. The bands are different sizes and blue, red, and green, forming a pattern using the Merion Cricket Club colors. Atop the colorful bands, we imprinted the Dock Street logo, as well as the Sticky Wicket logo. We also included Dock Street’s name on both the left and right sides. The shaft is beautifully-shaped as a cricket bat, with a unique outline and bulging out in the center.

At Knockout Designs, we are best-known for our beer tap handles. We also design other custom hardware, such as knobs, door handles, and even one cow door knocker! You may read the cow door knocker story here. We love working with clients who come to us for the creative aspect, as well as others who want something more classic. This cricket bat tap handle and our client who ordered it fit both descriptions. Our team is always willing to help clients out with solidifying their ideas into one, awesome design made specifically for them.