For Copper City Brewing Company in Rome, NY (aka known as Copper City), Knockout Designs was able to make a challenging tap handle design cool, unique, functional, and sturdy.

At Copper City Brewing Company, everything is made of copper. Their beer tap handles are no exception. Copper City Brewing Company has always used copper pipe tap handles in their taproom. They liked the copper look, but there was one thing missing: they wanted their logo on top. Copper City Brewing Company distributes their custom beer tap handles with their kegs of craft beer to local restaurants and bars serving their beer on tap.

As always, before printing the tap handles, Knockout Designs 3D printed a prototype. The first step was to find a plastic filament to feed into the 3D printer. We were able to find a new filament that matched exactly the color of the copper pipe tap handle. We printed their detailed logo in two colors. The colors they decided on can be seen in the photo below. The logo fits perfectly into its 3D printed plastic copper rim, and it is printed in two colors: white on a copper background. The top of the copper pipe tap handle was very thin, which posed a challenge. We had to use a special screw and washer to securely attach the logo to the copper pipe tap handle.

Copper City Brewing Company is very happy with their new copper beer tap handles. The tap handles fit right in with the theme of their brewery. They are also able to advertise their unique craft brews at all the places they distribute beer to. When a customer at a local restaurant sips a cold, rich beer, he or she will immediately think of Copper City Brewery.