Cooper Landing Brewing Company

Knockout Designs has been manufacturing modern metal tap handles for Cooper Landing Brewing Company since their opening four years ago. Cooper Landing, Alaska, where the brewery is located, is a region of vast natural beauty. This land sits by the top of the Kenai River, less than a two-hour drive from Anchorage. Now Cooper Landing Brewing Company is growing, and they need less expensive distribution tap handles. Many businesses order separate primary and distribution tap handles from Knockout Designs. We 3D-printed the new tap handles in plastic for Cooper Landing Brewing. We are also still manufacturing laser-engraved wooden handles with blackboard inserts for Cooper Landing Brewing. The sturdy plastic top is a perfect addition to kegs sent to local restaurants.

The new Cooper Landing Brewing Company tap handle is quirky and fun, mostly because of their logo. The logo features a fish hopping out of water, holding a glass of beer with “CL BL” written on it. This sits atop the tap handle engraved with “CL BL” and an image of hops in the middle. The blackboard insert is elegantly presented in a modern rectangular form. Cooper Landing Brewing Company is a fitting venue for such a tap handle, and so are the restaurants it distributes to. All are authentically Alaskan and down to earth. The brewery is surrounded by woods with a backdrop of the river and mountains.

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