Each one of our designs is just as unique as our client who orders it. Recently, we got a call from Dennis at Concord Craft Brewery, in Concord, New Hampshire. He wanted a ski tap handle for his winter “Apres Brewski.” This is a special winter brew which is distributed to ski towns and resorts all throughout New England. Après ski culture and beer go hand-in-hand, and Concord Craft Brewery wanted their tap handles to fit in with the theme.

This particular tap handle was crafted to look like an old-school ski. It’s wooden and not painted over. The Knockout Designs woodshop laser-engraved each individual ski tap handle with the text “APRES BREWSKI” and their logo on both sides of the tap handle. In total, we  produced over 100 ski tap handles. At Knockout Designs, we manufacture most of our designs using 3D printing. This allows us to use cutting-edge technology to optimize results, while also efficiently producing duplicates. For each new tap handle or other piece of hardware, we send a prototype to our client before finalizing the design. This ensures that our client is satisfied. We involve our clients all throughout the process and are willing to assist with design ideas when they want help. In this case, Dennis knew exactly what he wanted, and we turned it into a reality. We are thankful for all the wonderful people and businesses we have worked with throughout the years.