Celestial Beerworks is a new brewery in Dallas, Texas. The brewery welcomes all guests, and they strive to create an ambiance that matches the quality of their beer. Their motto is: “We love hops, we love design, we love space, and we would love for you to come by and have a beer with us.” This one-of-a-kind disco ball tap handle makes it clear that they love design. Celestial Beerworks also prides themselves on social responsibility, so right now, drinks are only available for curbside pickup and walk-up ordering. They normally host events often, but all events are halted for now. We are excited to watch the brewery take off once customers can relax inside it.

We worked with Molly and Matt to make sure the disco ball tap handle reflected their Celestial theme and functioned perfectly for their bartenders. The painted, laser-engraved wooden handle and the mini disco ball can’t be overlooked amongst the many tap handles at the local bars in Dallas. Attaching the disco ball to the wooden handle was a challenge, but the production team at Knockout Designs loves challenges, and after a few tries found the perfect connector.

Our final product features not only a disco ball, but also a pastel turquoise wooden shaft. It includes the brewery’s name, with a line separating “Celestial” from “Beerworks.” Our intention here is to create a positive association with the brewery’s name; an association filled with fun and dancing. We love working with local businesses to help enhance their spaces. Businesses of all sizes have reached out to us to help them with designs, particularly for tap handles. This disco ball tap handle is not our first extravagant piece, and we look forward to increasing production as more businesses reopen.


Van Der Brew Tap Handle Right
Van Der Brew Tap Handle Front
Van Der Brew Tap Handle Left