Celestial Beerworks loved the first set of tap handles we designed for them, and they’re back for more! We are thrilled to continue working with this Dallas brewery. In June we designed similar tap handles for them, also with a disco ball on top. Those disco ball tap handles were for distribution of their beer, while the new set is for their very own brewery. Molly from Celestial Beerworks decided that since these are for their tap room, they don’t need to include the brewery’s logo or name.

The new tap handles come in an assortment of bright, solid colors. The shafts are cylindrical and wider at the top. Our design team recreated the shaft, but used much of the framework for the first disco balls to construct the second set. These tap handles are wooden and relatively simple to carve. Many of our designs are highly intricate, and oftentimes 3D-printed, but sometimes simplicity is even nicer.

We encourage breweries and other customers of ours to design multiple tap handles for different purposes. Distribution of beer and other beverages can be a significant way to grow your business. When distributing your product, it may be wise to include one tap handle per site. This way, they both receive a free gift (which keeps them ordering more), and they show off your logo. Tap handles for tap rooms are designed differently, as guests don’t need to be constantly reminded of the brewery’s name. We have also designed tap handles for offices to serve coffee with. Office and home tap handles don’t require logos either, and we often design the most creative tap handles for those settings.