Bummin’ Beaver Brewing Tap Handles

Mike from Bummin’ Beaver Brewing in Chagrin Falls Ohio is opening his brand new craft brewery in 2022. He wanted custom tap handles for his new tap room that featured their Bummin’ Beaver logo. He wanted 15 custom tap handles for his tap rooms as well as a few additional custom tap handles to distribute to some local bars and restaurants which will serve Bummin’ Beaver Beer on tap. The independent brewery offers many beer styles and provides a welcoming environment to customers.

The fun name of the company comes as a result of a tragic attempt by a beaver to cross a road near the Mahoning River. The beavers unfortunate outcome inspired the owners of the brewery to honor the little critters legacy. And so Bummin’ Beaver Brewery was born. The Bummin’ Beaver tap handle features the company’s logo, a fun brown beaver head with large buck teeth and X’d out eyes, placed against a maroon background. The Bummin’ Beavers X’d out eyes are a tribute to the fallen beaver that inspired the brewery’s name.

The Knockout Designs production team thoughtfully designed the custom multi-colored logos and then created the 3D printed logos for placement on the 8” long wooden handles. The wooden shafts are a perfect match for the brewery’s beaver inspired theme. As requested, the wooden shafts feature a blackboard material so the Ohio brewery can update the names of their beers as necessary. The brand new tap handles add a personal artistic touch to the homey atmosphere of the two acre property in the Auburn township. These tap handles are unique and eye-catching and can serve as a marketing tool for products like Bummin’ Beaver Beer. Distribution of these handmade handles to various local bars and restaurants help give the company great exposure for their product. Customers will come to love and recognize the beavers’ head in many local Ohio establishments.

Bummin Beaver custom tap handle