Bounti-Fare Wood Guitar Tap Handle

This new guitar tap handle is one of our most creative designs yet! It is a laser engraved guitar tap handle made as a gift. Mike, our very talented “wood guy,” designed it for his friends at Bounti-Fare. Bounti-Fare is an Italian-American restaurant in Adams, Massachusetts, right next door to the home of Knockout Designs in North Adams, Massachusetts. We love being active members of our local community.

All the tap handle’s details are laser engraved on the wood. It was carved meticulously, and looks just like a guitar resting on top of a spout. The laser engraved details make it a true piece of artistry. The strings and frets are all visible and proportional to the guitar’s size. The guitar’s wooden material is similar in color to that of a wooden guitar. It also includes the restaurant’s logo, with leaves and the outline of Berkshire mountains. This miniature guitar cannot be played, but it can take you back to all your summer bonfire memories.

Knockout Designs is proud to showcase our new guitar tap handle. This is a special design for us since it was designed and built by a member of our very own team. Mike enjoys challenging and meticulous work, and was excited to create something for a friend. Many of our clients also order gifts designed specially for their friends and families. Designs are best when they include a personal touch, which is why we started our custom hardware business. Knockout Designs works with individuals, breweries, offices, and more, creating tap handles and other custom hardware.

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