Recently, Knockout Designs faced an exciting new challenge; designing bone broth tap handles.  A bone broth store called “Brodo” opened a new location in Manhattan. Brodo makes chicken, beef, hearth, and (vegan) mushroom broth. Customers also order different add-ins, such as “Deeply Rooted” (turmeric and ginger) and “Tom Yum” (coconut milk, thai curry spice, calabrian chili, and lime). Brodo wanted specialized bone broth tap handles for each of their different broths. In need of a personalized, reliable product that would be ready in a timely manner, they called Knockout Designs. Their order was a challenge because our design team had to find a way to turn hollow bones into functional tap handles. In addition to the bone design, they had to have logos on top for each different broth.

Once our design team successfully hollowed out bones for the tap handles, they manufactured creative 3D logos for each broth type. The first was a bull logo for their beef broth. The bull is wooden with a solid coat of black paint. The front is textured to give it a more 3D look, and the design is mostly flat. The chicken design is even more creative, since it has a border and amber glow. The border is solid, while the inside is the same color, but textured in a gridlike fashion. The chicken’s comb gives it an embellished appearance.

The Knockout Designs design team was once again enthralled by the adventure of innovating something new. All the bone broth tap handles came out as our client had hoped, and they are thrilled with the result. Brodo is still new to the city and expanding with the help of their new, custom bone tap handles. Their entire store is designed to provide a fun and interactive experience for the customer. This is an upgrade from their original takeout window. In addition to their takeout window and storefront location, they also have a kiosk at Bryant Park.