Creating the Chess Piece Tap Handle

Black Calder Brewing contacted Knockout Designs when they needed distribution tap handles for their signature craft libations. Black Calder is just starting to distribute their line of craft brews in Michigan. They wanted their logo in gold and black plastic on top of a wooden shaft that resembled a queen chess piece. Knockout Designs 3D printed the Black Calder Brewing logo and attached it to the queen chess piece tap handle. Knockout Designs used gold decals for Black Calder on one side and Dope Beer on the other side of the queen chess piece tap handle.

Black Calder Brewing Company is a black-owned business that believes culture goes beyond color, race, or creed. In an initiative they call “Craftlanthropy”, Black Calder Brewing seeks and supports meaningful causes, such as social justice, education, clean water, hunger, and more. They are committed to creating opportunities and giving back to their local and global communities. Black Calder Brewing Company was established to make great beer and provide a platform for innovation, art, culture, and inclusion. As a black-owned brewery, their craft will be brewed for the culture, but their motto is simple: Dope Beer for Dope People.

Knockout Designs is proud to partner with BIPOC-owned businesses. Knockout Designs specializes in small orders of tap handles for taprooms but also has the capacity for larger orders for craft breweries and wineries in need of distribution tap handles. Our plastic and metal 3D printers make it possible for us to create unique tap handles to meet the needs of our clients, no matter what size, color, or shape order they request.

Chess Piece Tap Handle