Angry Fish Brewing Co


Angry Fish Brewing Co. is a brewery in Lexington, South Carolina that sells house-brewed beer. Joseph from Angry Fish Brewing Company reached out to Knockout Designs for a fish tap handle. He wanted their logo, an angry fish, as a centerpiece of the design. We printed the fish in black steel, but Joseph decided he liked the nickel finish better than the black steel for the logo. Their beer comes in many varieties of fruity, nutty, and sweet flavors. Not only are fish welcome at Angry Fish, but dogs are as well! However, unlike the fish, only well-behaved dogs are welcome at the brewery.

In designing this fish tap handle, we decided to place the fish on top of a red, wooden handle. We then transferred black and white logo decals onto the wooden handle. The metal fish was a complex and rewarding design to 3D print. We painted its eye red following the 3D printing. The first product to print was a plastic prototype of the fish on top of a sample wooden shaft. Once approved, we went ahead and printed the final tap handle. This was a unique manufacturing process for a unique logo and tap handle.

Knockout Designs manufactures hardware made out of many different materials. We design tap handles made of wood, plastic, and different metals. We use techniques such as screen printing and painting to achieve additional design goals. Our team has varied backgrounds in design that all bring something new to the table. 3D printing is our most utilized tool, as we have the technology to construct hundreds of copies of the same product. We 3D print in both metal and plastic. 3D printing necessitates analytical skills for mapping out challenging designs. Orders are always a team effort at Knockout Designs, since different sets of eyes foster different ideas. When you place your first order here, we will be as involved as you’d like in the design process.

Blackboard Tap Handle, Angry Fish